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Are you looking for a solar panel company at the leading edge of solar energy solutions? Look no further as you have come to the right place! Perth Solar Direct is all about providing quality solar panels, invertors and batteries with a first-class installation and maintenance service! All at a cost effective price.

Our solutions can help you to go off-grid, save big on your electricity bill, improve the value of your property, reduce your carbon footprint and improve energy reliability during blackouts.


Take advantage of living in one of the sunniest cities in the world

Perth has an average of six hours of peak sun everyday making our city super sunny all year long compared to the rest of Australia!

This equivalates to a 6.6kW system being able to output 28-34 kWh of power every day! Don’t miss out on this massive opportunity to harbour Perth’s natural power!

Don’t miss out on this massive opportunity to harbour Perth’s natural power!

Your investment with
Perth Solar Direct
will be money well spent

Highest Quality Products

Our products are carefully chosen to maximise power generation in Perth’s year-round sunshine.

Installer Direct Savings

We provide competitive and affordable installations that are of the highest quality.

Government Rebates Guaranteed

We make sure our solutions are government grant eligible so that you can save as much money as possible.

Our Solar Services
We cover the whole spectrum


Residential Solar Installation

Perfect for first home buyers, professional couples, families, investors and retirees who want to save on the energy  costs and reduce CO2 emissions of their residence.

photovoltaic power station

Commercial Solar

We understand that you must have electricity that is dependable because having 100% uptime of your work environment means more profits!

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Solar Battery

Are you worried about your power going out? Do you want to easily store excess power that would normally go back into the grid or be wasted?

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Solar Inverter Installation

Perth Solar Direct only sells and installs the top of the line solar inverters on the market. This makes sure that your solar panel is efficiently converting DC power into useable AC power!

Man worker in the firld by the solar panels

Solar Panel

If you have noticed a drop in your solar panel energy generation, there is a good chance your panels have developed a layer of dirt on them.

Engineer in a white helmet. Man near solar panel.

Solar Panel Repairs and Maintenance

Luckily if you are a residential customer with Perth Solar Direct, you are eligible and entitled to apply for two money saving support schemes under the Renewable Energy Target program.

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Solar PV panels, PV stands for Photovoltaic derived from two words Photo(photon) and Voltaic which sums up the process in essence.
Notably, simply put Solar PV panels produce electricity from photons, the rays of light from the sun and not from the heat at all.
The Solar cells absorb the light, incoming energy from the sunrays (photons). The status of photons is changed to electrons in process. These Electrons generate an electrical current, when enough is produced by all cells i. A solar panel, this flows through and combines with the other panels output connected together to an inverter. The inverter, converts the DC current to AC current, the same format of clean energy, electricity as used in our house.

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